Why Start Your New Years Resolution Now

How quickly will I see results? 

At CONTOUR Pilates we often get asked the question – how quickly will I see results? There is a well known quote from Joseph Pilates that in 30 sessions you will have a new body. We sometimes think that this quote gets taken out of context and leads to people expecting a beach bikini ready body from 30 pilates sessions, once a week. We are afraid that doing reformer Pilates once a week will not lead to the bikini body within 7 months.

Joseph Pilates mainly did 1-2-1 sessions rather than group classes.He would have quite possibly been expecting you to be doing exercises in between, and coming more often than once a week. His style preached constant work. Which means Pilates becoming part of your life, and you working on your body more often than once a week. Keeping that posture nice and tall on daily basis, particularly when seated.Engaging core when doing daily activities.

This is not to say doing a weekly Pilates class isn’t beneficial. It is more that one class a week is potentially a small percentage of your weekly exercise, and what you do with say the remaining 90% is key. So making Pilates a regular part of your day is the key. This doesn’t have to be a full hours workout, but taking time as much as possible to just to check in with your posture, and, if time allows, do a couple of simple exercises every day. Our bodies after all were made to move, not to be stationary.

If you can manage and afford a regular 1-2-1 session then this will also step things up a gear for you. These don’t have to be on a weekly basis. We have clients who book in monthly, or every 6 weeks for a private reformer session to get that extra insight into their body, the way it moves, and encouragement that they are heading in the right direction. Everyone is aligned differently, and has different weak areas, and working on those can only make them stronger.

If you welcome Pilates into your life, and think about your posture and everyday movements as much as possible. Think about the moves that you find hard, and maybe set the end of the year as your goal to perfect them. Then you will really start to see the changes.