Why Real Men Should Do Pilates.

For the uneducated men (and women) out there, a misconception exists that Pilates is some form of yoga-based contortion. That it’s practised only by women only. Perhaps very occasionally used as a rehabilitative and restorative recovery treatment for sportsmen but not a “real” sport. 

If you are a man reading this post, or you have one sitting at home currently watching the TV who you’re trying to encourage to give Pilates a go, we’re about to put all that nonsense to bed. In fact, we challenge you/him right now to come to one of our Reformer Pilates studios here in Essex. Why not try out our state of the art machines for yourself?

As they say, “come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough!”

Real Men Do Pilates!

More and more weight trainers are turning to this system. Simply put, it’s a proven way to increase not only flexibility but also muscle power. It’s the ideal way to stem that middle-aged spread and fight the flab.

The Only Question Is: Are You Man Enough To Give It A Go?

Muscular man performing exercises on the Pilates reformer at the gym.

Pilates Was Developed By A Man.

Developed by a man, Joseph Pilates, he originally named it Contrology. The method was all about gaining control of the muscles. It’s also long been the preferred training vehicle of elite professional athletes for over half a century and an adjunct to their specialised training. The Pilates method works equally as well for men as it does for women. For both sexes it helps by increasing strength and flexibility as well as working on that core control. 

Many a man’s nemeses is his midriff. We can promise you this, after a few sessions on the Reformer your flabby tummy will be replaced by tauter muscle and that trim waistline. That will be complemented by a strong back, stable core and more muscular arms. In Pilates, we work the entire body. We also use hand weights in many of your classes, as well as your own body weight. That means there is always plenty of progression and regression when the going gets a little too tough.

Man performing pilates teaser exercise on a reformer bed in a gym to strengthen the abdominal muscles and hip flexor in a health and fitness concept

Why Do We Recommend Pilates For Men?

For anyone who enjoys weightlifting, the integrative component of Pilates will certainly be beneficial . Pilates encourages not only efficient but also uniform development of all the body but in particular the core. Using the powerhouse to stabilise the trunk and protect the back. Whereas weight lifting demands a more “part by part” approach to developing muscle. The emphasis on full-body fitness and strength makes Pilates an excellent foundation for a range of other sports, including cross-training, golf, tennis, rowing, football, cricket and rugby. 

Pilates works towards flexibility in a functional and more accessible way than say, for example, yoga or gymnastics. You’ll increase your flexibility and range of motion naturally, almost without even realising it’s happening. 

  • Pilates complements other workouts
  • Pilates helps improve overall sports performance
  • Pilates develops and fosters increased confidence
  • Pilates can significantly improve focus and concentration. 
Man exercising on pilates reformer bed

Top Tips For Men Who Are New To Pilates

1. Take a class

The best way to learn is to come to a Pilates class taught by a professional Instructor. At Contour Pilates we offer a range of classes to suit all ages and abilities. Our friendly and competent instructors will be on hand to put you through your paces. OK, so you might currently be outnumbered by women but we promise, they don’t bite! For now, you might have to deal with being the minority gender but on the plus side, think about all that female attention you’ll enjoy!

2. Don’t be afraid to give it a go

Just remember that the Pilates method was initially developed on a man’s body and is generally founded around regular, healthy principles of movements. You’ve nothing to be afraid of. Sure, your hips and hamstrings might be slightly tighter than those of the 25 year old female lying on the Reformer bed next to you. However, she’ll be so busy focusing on her own leg circles that trust us, she’ll never notice your thighs quivering! Everything in Pilates can be modified and adjusted, allowing you to stretch into the postures gradually. There’s no “go big or go home” mentality in Pilates. It’s all about mindful practice. Which brings us nicely onto our next point.

3. Pilates is a mind/body activity

You could choose to hammer out that pent up stress and energy on a boxing bag, or you could jump on the Reformer and challenge yourself to a different spring setup. Sometimes less is more. So if you’re in the mood for raising the bar, then go light when you’re planking and feel the burn. You will soon forget about what’s happening at work as you focus on your breath, working deeper into your stabilising muscles. Igniting your powerhouse like never before. The mind-body connection is strong in Pilates as you develop core strength alongside coordination through concentration and breath control. 

Male Celebrities And Athletes Who Swear By Pilates.

Pilates plays a pivotal part in helping to improve the overall performance of some of the worlds top recognised athletes. We have it on good authority that the following male athletes and celebrities are firm fans of Joseph Pilates Contrology technique. 

  • Tiger Woods
  • Andy Murray
  • David Beckham
  • Kobe Bryant
  • Lebron James
  • Amir Khan
  • The England Cricket Team

David Beckham was initially introduced to Pilates while playing on loan at AC Milan and had this to say about it:

“I do an hour of Pilates a day. It is fantastic and fitness-wise I am the best I have been for a long time.”

So there you have it. Real men DO and SHOULD practise Pilates.

We look forward to welcoming you through the doors at Contour Pilates and taking one of our plank challenges! Click HERE to discover all the latest offers.