What’s New At Contour Pilates This August


Hi Contourers!

Welcome to your monthly newsletter. Packed with all the latest studio info and hopefully a little bit of Pilates inspo to keep you motivated this summer.

Hope that you are all feeling fit and well and keeping yourself hydrated in this heat. Wasn’t that a scorcher last week? Remember to take on extra fluids when it’s hot, especially if you’re exercising. Sadly a glass of chilled Rose doesn’t count before you ask!

Holiday Time

August is here and for many of you the summer holidays are in full swing. Schedules get busier, the kids have finished school and need entertaining and some of you might be lucky enough to have a holiday planned. If you do, we’d love it if you could tag us in one of your holiday posts.

Use our new exclusive members hashtag #BodyByContour and let’s get tagging, sharing and liking all of those beautiful Pilates bodies we’ve spent so much time working hard to achieve!

Experience Something Different

Due to the holidays, we’re going to be operating a slightly different timetable throughout August to allow your lovely instructors to take a break too! They definitely need to tag us planking in their swimsuits don’t you think! Hopefully, your favourite time slots aren’t disrupted too much.

Why Not Try Barre?

Now might be a great time to experiment, challenge yourself to try out a new class or experience for yourself what another instructors style is like. You never know, you might even discover a new favourite. Regular business will be resumed in September and perhaps you will have developed a new found passion for Barre or Cardio Pilates by then!

What’s In Store; Kids and More!

Talking of occupying the kids, we have an excellent workshop planned which will be covering off Kids Yoga and Mindfulness. Kids can benefit immensely from both these practises every bit as much as we adults can. This workshop will help them discover how to manage and counter stress in what is a fast-paced hurry-up world. Physically yoga can help them develop strength, flexibility, conditioning, body confidence and awareness. Mentally both yoga and mindfulness will help them to relax, promoting a sense of calmness, relaxation and enhancing their self-esteem. It can also be a great tool to help them manage back to school anxiety.

Brentwood Studio – 2-4pm 27th August

Loughton Studio – 2-4pm 29th August

To book your child onto the workshop e-mail amy@reformerpilatesbrentwood.co.uk. They’ll learn some incredible techniques, make some new friends and get a special goodie bag to take away with them.

Special Offers For You!

For August we’re offering discounted extra classes. Normally £16 for monthly pass holders these are now reduced to £14 so if you have a late summer holiday planned and are still working on that Pilates beach body, why not treat yourself to an extra class or two? You’ll be surprised by just how much extra tone and definition you can achieve just by adding in a few additional sessions on the Reformer machine.

Friends With Benefits!

We’re still offering a free class for a friend throughout August. What are friends for if it’s not to share the joy (and pain) of a Pilates Reformer class? You can pop for a glass of Prosecco on the high street afterward. You’re welcome!

As an extra bonus, if your friend gets bitten by the Pilates bug and goes on to purchase a package, we’ll add an extra class to your account or deduct a one-off £14 from your monthly payment if you’re own of our unlimited members.

Have a fabulous August everyone and remember, every day is a good day to do Pilates!

Live, Love, Pilates