Why do Pilates?

‘In 20 sessions you will see the difference if you do it regularly’ – Joseph Pilates 

A Pilates class, is a class like no other. It will zip you up inside, you’ll use muscles you never even knew you had and leave feeling like your whole body has been worked hard. Regular classes with us will give you a stronger core, stabilise your spine, improve your posture, work your arms and tighten those areas that some of us don’t like very much – legs, bums and tums. You will also get a cardio workout in all the classes, particularly the barre and DANCE (different style every week – Salsa, Samba, Merengue).

What happens at my first class?

In your first class here at the studio, the instructor will take you through the Pilates technique, get you familiar with the bit of equipment (barre, reformer, small equipment for mat) you will be using and you will get a whole body workout. You will learn about engaging your core, alignment and the breathing. PLEASE COME 5 MINUTES BEFORE the class so that we can give you a health statement to fill out.

All the instructors are very experienced and have at least 5 years experience of teaching Pilates. All levels are very welcome. If you are new to the studio we would encourage you to attend at least 2 beginner classes before moving onto the dynamic classes. 

After my first class?

After a few classes you’ll become more familiar with the reformer, the springs, your core muscles and you’ll begin to see improvements in your posture and flexibility. 

Unlimited Pass

The more you do it, the quicker you will see the results. So, the unlimited pass has been created for this reason. Bring your new years resolution forwards! The pass will allow you to attend all our classes – barre, dance, reformer, and small equipment mat class. Each will challenge your body in different ways.