How long have you been teaching pilates?

I’ve been teaching mat Pilates since April 2018, having gained my L3 diploma with Future Fit. I began teaching Reformer early 2020 after qualifying with JPilates.

Favourite exercise? 

My favourite exercise on the Reformer is long spine – it really develops whole body coordination and always feels so good for my back! Much like Roll-over on the mat, but on the Reformer it feels more supported and more intense. 

Top tip?

It’s so obvious – and fundamental to Pilates – but engaging my centre first before the peripheral muscles makes a massive difference to how I perform the exercise. I’m sure clients get sick of hearing “navel to spine”…but it works!

Surprising fact?

I was working as a translator in Germany when I first came across Pilates in 2005. It took a few classes for it to click, but then I fell in love, and the difference it made to how I felt in my body (especially coming from a desk job) was eye-opening. And made me want to change career.

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