Top Tips for Staying Fit and Healthy All Year Long

January has been and gone and February is about to bid so long! While we’ve had our fair share of blustery storms in 2020 the days and nights are thankfully getting longer and lighter. So if you started off the New Year all guns blazing with a new fitness regime (hopefully Reformer Pilates) but found yourself less committed through dark and dreary February, now is the time to get yourself back on track! 

Here at Contour Pilates in Essex, our lovely instructors are ready to put a “spring” back in your step and prep your for the summer months! So we thought we’d ask them what their top tips were for staying fit and healthy. We know it’s a priority for most of you but that it can still be a struggle keeping tip-top condition. Life gets in the way, we appreciate that, but if you’re not committed to a regular diet and exercise regime, you could be seriously jeopardising your long term health. Making small changes to your lifestyle can contribute significantly to better long term health.

So how can you get Back on Track to a Fitter YOU!

Move More

A lot of people simply don’t move enough throughout the day. If you have a job that demands you sit staring at a computer screen for hours a day, we feel your pain. It’s not easy, especially if you’re in a busy office, to suddenly jump up every hour and start pumping out some burpees or running with high knees on the spot for a 30-second diversion from your spreadsheet! Your colleagues might well think you’ve lost leave of your senses! It is super important though you move throughout the day. We don’t mean you have to run a marathon. Just moderate movement of thirty minutes every day will go a long way to helping you stay fit and healthy. 

  • Could you stroll around your local area at lunchtime?
  • Could you get off the bus or train one stop earlier and walk?
  • Is there a new class you could take up a couple of time a week either before or after work or in your lunchtime?
Move More with Contour Pilates

Have a word with yourself! Are you really going to keep using the excuse that you don’t have time? Thirty minutes is long enough to be effective but not too long to eat into your precious time. Just check your smartphone later today and see how much time you’ve spent scrolling through over people’s social media accounts and ask yourself if you’re spending your time wisely! Unless you’re scrolling Contour Pilates for inspiration of course! Then you’re excused if you were also planking at the same time!

Eat Well

Temptation is all around us to eat processed and convenience food. We’re bombarded by images in the media of what is presented as so-called healthy alternatives. But are they? Really? Fast food is also another culprit. Again we use the age-old “I’ve not got enough time” excuse. Make time. Your health matters and you’re buying yourself a future.

We’re not saying that you can’t enjoy a cheat meal every now and then. Overall though, opting for a well balanced and nutritious diet packed with fresh, colourful fruit and vegetables and lean protein is your best option.

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Eat Well with Contour Pilates

Making small changes can again help us to develop a better relationship with food, improving our health and wellbeing and making it easier to stick to our goals. Fad, restrictive diets might well be quick fixes, but they’re not sustainable long term. Any diet that restricts food groups isn’t healthy and is never going to become a way of life. So to live a long, happy and healthy life, eat well and do Pilates! That’s the best advice we can give.


While we’re huge advocates of eating healthily and moderating your alcohol intake, we know there are times when you just can’t get everything you need from whole foods. At times like these you need to be supplementing your diet with effective earth soured minerals and superfoods to boost your immune system and keep you feeling healthy and strong. These are some of our favourites for when you feel a bit of a bug coming on.

Oregano Oil – it’s a natural fighter when it comes to immunity plus as an added bonus it’s beneficial for naturally boosting your metabolism.

Supplement your Diet with Contour Pilates

Echinacea – particularly useful at this time of year when the large strikes, it’s a natural immune booster that stimulates the body’s natural ability to ward off infections.

Vitamin C – a must-have immune booster. Find it in foods such as oranges, strawberries and kale.

Vitamin D – we all know how dangerous but delicious sunshine can be! The days might well be lengthening but we’re still lacking in happy sunny rays right now. Vitamin D is an excellent fat-soluble vitamin that not just boosts your immune system but also helps the body process nutrients and minerals. 

Positive Mind Happy Life!

Finally, do not underestimate this final tip. There is nothing more powerful than the mind. Whether you think you can or you can’t, it will become true! Set yourself up for success with a positive can-do attitude. You’ll accomplish great things, not least sticking for your health and fitness goals if you approach each day with a healthy mindset. Here are our top tips on how to stay happy from the inside out!

Positive Mind Happy Life with Contour Pilates
  1. Focus on the positive – retrain your brain by spending just a few minutes every day thinking about all the good things in your life. Grab yourself a new notebook and jot them down. Do not underestimate the power of a silver lining!
  2. Celebrate your victories – we all deserve a cheerleader in our camp but the best one of all id yourself. Life is full of ups and downs so always find time to celebrate the wins, however small they might be.
  3. Work-life balance – it’s hard! We get that. Finding an outlet to help you express yourself and release stress is so important. That’s why Pilates exists!
  4. Practice mindfulness – bring focus and attention to the present. Accept how you’re feeling now, then move on! It’s pretty liberating stuff. Trust us.
  5. Get creative – channel your imagination and your childlike inquisitiveness. The more expressive and enthusiastic you are, the more joyful you will feel. Give it a go! 

At the end of the day, it’s all about accepting who you are, living fully in the moment and cultivating an attitude of gratitude. Be thankful always and you will quickly feel happier, healthier and more content than ever before.

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