The Cadillac

Why the Cadillac?

The Cadillac was created by Joseph Pilates for bed ridden patients to help them in their rehab. It does offer more range of movement than the Reformer.
There are over 80 exercises that work the core, develop flexibility, strengthen back and shoulders, and stretch the entire body.You can either work the whole body , or isolate your workout to each part of your body.
The springs give you a slightly different tension to the reformer ropes. With the Cadillac comes more standing work, which is a great challenge for your balance and coordination.


The trapeze gives it that slightly frightening element of adventure and challenge because you can dangle in the air,which the reformer does not have.
If you are looking to enhance your pilates programme, challenge your body in different ways then the Cadillac is ready for you.

Private classes with Helen and Sarah are available. Please do email Amy with a time and day that suits you – Give it a go, it is great fun!