What about beginner classes?

If you’re just getting started, then we highly recommend you first try one of Lindsey, Rona, or Clare’s body conditioning classes. These are particularly good for beginners and will build up both your confidence and strength. Once you’re ready for something more challenging and dynamic, then try Vilma and Martyna’s classes.

We also have our pre-recorded beginner workout that will take you through the pilates technique – neutral spine, breathing, and some basic exercises. It’s so important that you get the fundamentals right.

To access that workout, email amy@reformerpilatesbrentwood.co.uk.

Our instructors

Specialist instructors in pilates. Highly qualified. Some ex-professional sportswomen, who represented their countries. Now they want to help you be the most powerful and strong person you can be.

What else is on offer?

Body Conditioning Classes

A whole body workout taking you through a variety of Pilates exercises that will certainly challenge your body. It also gets those deep stabilising muscles fired up, to help relieve any aches and pains from too much sitting. Don’t be surprised if the most challenging moves are the simplest ones.

HIIT Pilates

A combination of heart thumping exercises, with some strength training, leaving your body feeling stronger and visibly more toned. The exercises will still pay attention to the Pilates technique, but with some modern tweaks. Make sure you have your weights ready. Martyna doesn’t like counting, so often likes to lose track:-)

Reformer Style Mat Pilates

This workout will take you through similar exercises that you would normally perform on one of our reformer machines. You will need a slippy floor and a towel. The towel is placed under your feet and mimics the action of the moving carriage. By creating the slippiness, it’s easier to push the towel, but so much harder on your core. The moves are dynamic and Vilma will make sure you get into positions that are far from easy. By the way, she likes to count very slowly. Best suited to clients with intermediate or advanced level Pilates experience.

Mobilise And Stretch

This will make you feel like you have oiled your joints. If you are struggling to manage to do our more challenging or heart thumping workouts, this will keep your body moving and make you feel like you have had a good workout. All levels and abilities are welcome.

Barre toning

Our energetic and fun barre class. This workout will make you smile, even when your body is shouting at you. You get to choose your own music to work out to (happy to recommend if you need us to). You will plie and pulse your way to a leaner and more toned body. All levels welcome.

For any questions email amy@reformerpilatesbrentwood.co.uk

CONTOUR OnDemand coming soon app (pre-recorded workouts) . In the meantime email amy@reformerpilatesbrentwood.co.uk and let her know whose workout you would like.

How To Book

  • To book – please see the online studio timetable below.
  • You can purchase a pack of 4 classes HERE
  • You can book onto single classes by clicking on the time and date you want on the timetable
  • Class link will be sent 24 hours before the class

Timetable – Online Studio

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PLEASE NOTE: We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel a class less than 24 hours before it, then you will lose that class.