Lost your Pilates mojo?

So the year is flying by and you’ve just realized you haven’t worked out in weeks. It happens, we get it – but thought it might be worthwhile reminding you just what you’re missing out on and why the benefits of reformer Pilates are just so fantastic!

The Ultimate Stress Buster!

Pilates of all styles can be incredibly powerful in providing a place for the mind and body to relax, rejuvenate and release tension. It provides a space for the mind to focus on the present moment and leave all of your worries at the door. The Pilates core principle of breathing oxygenates the blood which in turn triggers the brain to calm down. It creates a physiological response in the body that naturally decreases our stress and anxiety. So not only can you feel the exercises working, but you feel great afterwards too!

Perfect Posture

Reformer Pilates Class Image

Whether you’re an athlete or an office worker, Reformer Pilates works wonders to develop strength and correct posture in the key areas of the hips and lower back, and the upper back and neck, helping to counteract the effects of slouching. By activating muscles in isolation and then progressively working them in more compound and dynamic functional movements, we can significantly improve your dynamic stability – the ability of the body to hold itself in better alignment for longer, maintaining upright posture and stability.

Build Overall Strength

Reformer Pilates accommodates a full-range of motion, which is perfect for increasing flexibility while building strength too. It seems to invite the length you want to create in the body, and it trains the body to sustain that length. Pushing and pulling with legs or arms against the resistance of the springs, carriage, and body weight is strength building. All of our exercises provide enough resistance and movement variety to help build strong muscles and bones, in a low impact way.

So what are you waiting for? There’s a space in our studio with your name on it, and we hope to see you here full of motivation like it’s New Year’s Day. Go get ‘em!