How To Survive The Festive Season

At Contour Pilates, we care about more than just your physical health. While our state of the art reformer beds might well be designed to give you a full-body workout, we also care about your mental well being too. Mind, Body and Soul, Pilates is all about YOU.

It’s safe to say that Christmas is upon us. For many people, that might mean missing a couple of their regular Reformer Pilates classes to celebrate with friends and family over a glass or two of festive cheer. Know what? That’s perfectly fine with us! 

You’ve worked hard, coming to class and putting in the effort all year. Now it’s your time to grab those dancing shoes, slip into that little black dress and enjoy sashaying the night away, showing off those killer Pilates curves you’ve sculpted. Ladies (and gents) all those times the Instructor said “just one more” (and you know she really meant ten) are about to pay off. 

Rock Your Pilates Body This Christmas

While Pilates might have helped you rock that Christmas party body this year, how do you survive the festive season itself? We’re running you through our top seasonal tips today.

Top Tips For Surviving Christmas the Contour Way!

It’s not all Prosecco, parties and pigs in blankets! Behind the glam and glitz of the flashing lights and tinsel can be a world of loneliness, stress and downright exhaustion. Not everyone is lucky enough to have friends and family around them, or spare cash to indulge in Christmas treats. 

The festive season might leave you feeling like you want to retreat into a hole and re-emerge in 2020 when the coast is clear of rowing relatives! Never fear. We’ve compiled Contour’s top tips to getting the most out of the festive season and surviving it “relatively” unscathed.

Prosecco and Pilates

Plan Ahead

Instead of worrying about getting the shopping done in one mammoth session, start stockpiling supplies as soon as possible. Plan in regular supermarket shops in the run-up to Christmas and buy extra items as you go along. It’s also a good idea to buy a couple of emergency presents. Lots of the larger retailers run 2 for 3 offers at this time of the year. You never know who might pop by unexpectedly with a gift so have a couple of options on standby!

Don’t Put Too Much Pressure On Yourself

There’s such a weight of expectation to deliver the perfect Christmas. It’s not about going all out, buying the most expensive of everything you can lay your hands on. That doesn’t show that you are the hostess with the mostest! Christmas is about simple family time and trying to relax and have fun. If things aren’t going quite to plan behind the scenes, the chances are your guests won’t ever realise. Unless a burnt turkey has set the fire alarm and water sprinklers off! So don’t be too hard on yourself. Try and enjoy the festivities without going overboard.

Festive Table Setting

Ask For Help

If you are the key organiser in the family and yet again it’s your turn to cook and host, don’t be afraid to delegate other duties to family members. It’s so important that you have some YOU time. Why should everyone else get to watch the Gavin and Stacy special while you’re slaving away in the kitchen? Maybe ask different family members to take care of certain elements the meal; snacks, entrees, desserts, making sure the wine is flowing. Don’t try and do it all yourself.

Everything In Moderation

Today more than ever, Christmas seems to be about excess and over-indulgence. If you’ve been coming to Pilates all year, you’ve built up a great core that will serve you well. Cut yourself a little bit of slack, but don’t undo all the good work by going all out, drinking and eating everything in sight! Try and moderate yourself. That way, the gains will come back so much quicker in 2020 when you jump back on that Reformer machine. 

Family Festive Fun Times

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Water, wine, water! In that order. It’s so important to keep yourself hydrated. Your liver is likely to be working much harder over the Christmas party season. So stay on top of your H2O so that you recover quicker and dissipate any morning-after hangover.

Stay Active

All that sitting around indoors and over indulging can leave you feeling sluggish. Grab your new hat and scarf (and the obligatory Christmas novelty jumper) and get outside in the fresh air for a brisk walk. Clear your head and work off that extra helping of roast potatoes that you just couldn’t resist! 

Get Plenty Of Sleep

Sleep is when our bodies recover. Late boozy nights are fun at the time but they can disrupt regular sleep patterns. If you’re used to being the life and soul of the party, make sure you adequately recharge those batteries. That way you will keep going like the proverbial Duracell bunny!

Take Time Off

If busy work schedules permit, plan to take some time off in the run-up to and over the Christmas period. Burning the candle at both ends can take its toll. A few strategic days off will prevent you from being overstressed and overtired even before the big day itself arrives. Don’t peak too early as the saying goes.

Spend Time With The People You Love

Try not to be alone or feel isolated at Christmas. If you do live alone, reach out to friends and family and firm up plans. Don’t leave it too late only to realise that you’re planning a turkey dinner for one. Christmas is best shared and experienced with loved ones. So make an effort to reconnect with the special people in your life at this festive time of year.

Merry Christmas To All Our Clients from Contour Pilates

On that note, Contour Pilates would like to wish all our regular, new and future clients a very Merry Christmas. Keep checking out the Blog and sign up to receive our members newsletters so that you can be kept up to date with the fantastic New Year offers coming your way.