Why Reformer Pilates?

Reformer Pilates class is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. It will zip you up inside. You’ll use muscles you never knew existed plus it will leave you feeling like your whole body has been invigorated. Regular classes at Contour Pilates will give you a stronger core, stabilise your spine, improve your posture, work your arms and tighten those areas that some of us don’t like very much – legs, bums and tums. What’s not to love?

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What happens at my first class?

In your first class here at the studio, the instructor will take you through how to use the reformer to ensure that you are comfortable with the techniques. You will learn about engaging your corealignment and the breathing. Don’t worry that you won’t get a workout the first time – rest assured that you will! PLEASE COME 5 MINUTES BEFORE the class so that we can give you a health statement to fill out.

After my first class?

After a few classes, you’ll become more familiar with the reformer, the springs, your core muscles and you’ll begin to see improvements in your posture and flexibility. With regular class attendance, you can expect to feel stronger, and you will, in time, be able to do intermediate and advanced moves.

As you become more familiar with the Reformer Pilates Machine, you’ll being to understand what makes Reformer Pilates exercise so addictive and effective. The faster you become the more confident you’ll be with the machines and techniques. Before you know it you’re muscles will start to lengthen and become leaner.

Once you start getting a stronger core and more all over body strength, you can start trying our intermediate and advanced level classes. The great thing about your Pilates journey is that there is so much room for progression.