Perfect for weight loss and body sculpting

Intermediate and Advanced levels are welcome to join this intense class. This is perfect if you would like to lose some weight and really sculpt your body. While our other reformer classes will certainly tone your body, by adding on the Jumpboard, you will also target and torch fat.

A square shaped Jumpboard is slotted into the end of the reformer machine and used to bring additional cardio as well as plyometric movements to your workout. You spring off it and slide very quickly down the reformer. It’s an exhilarating feeling!

This class really takes the core challenge to a new level. But typically, like in our other classes, the emphasis is on fun, adding balls that you can throw between classmates, fostering that spirit of community and inclusivity that is central to the heart of Contour.

You will need to really connect with your core, but also with your mind, as the instructor likes to get you doing 5 things at once. It’s energetic, intense and will supercharge your results.

If you’re looking to add more variety to your routine and fancy a higher energy cardio workout then you will love this class.


Medium – High




Muscle Shaping & Fat Burning

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What to know for your Beginners Reformer Pilates class

  • You will get hot, so wear clothes that allow you to move easily and stay cool. You won’t need shoes and it’s up to you whether you prefer to go with or without socks on our machines.
  • If it’s your first class, you should make sure you arrive at least 10 minutes early. This is to allow you enough time to complete our health form and meet the instructor.
  • We recommend that you attend our Intermediate Reformer Pilates or Advanced Reformer Pilates classes before trying a Cardio Jump Class class. It is important to get your form right (breathing, core engagement and neutral) before you increase the intensity.
  • Please try out a variety of instructors, because they offer different exercises and challenges. While they are all fully trained in the principles of Pilates, their unique personalities and teaching styles are worth exploring.

What to Bring to Class

  • Water bootle (water will be available)
  • Towel
  • Loose-fitting tank tops and shorts
  • High-athletic socks and sweatbands
  • High-impact sports bra (women)