Putting your body to the test

If you have attended our Beginners Reformer Pilates class for at least 4 sessions, then you can attend these classes. The class will flow more, and the instructor will expect you to have a basic understanding of the technique. They will always make sure that everyone is having a workout that will test their bodies and give them more power. Contour’s Intermediate Reformer Pilates class is a definite “change-up” in terms of pace, effort required and also results expected. You will definitely begin to see improvement to your core strength as well as your flexibility.


Medium – High




Muscle Shaping & Fat Burning

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What to know for your Intermediate Reformer Pilates class

  • Whilst a basic level of fitness is helpful, it is not imperative.  Our Intermediate Reformer Pilates class welcomes all abilities and anyone above 16 years of age.
  • You will get hot, so wear clothes that allow you to move easily and stay cool. You won’t need shoes and it’s up to you whether you prefer to go with or without socks on our machines.
  • We recommend that you attend at least 4 Beginners Reformer Pilates classes before trying an Intermediate Reformer Pilates class. It is important to get your form right (breathing, core engagement and neutral) before you increase the intensity.
  • Please try out a variety of instructors, because they offer different exercises and challenges. While they are all fully trained in the principles of Pilates, their unique personalities and teaching styles are worth exploring.

What to Bring to Class

  • Water bootle (water will be available)
  • Towel
  • Loose-fitting tank tops and shorts
  • High-athletic socks and sweatbands
  • High-impact sports bra (women)