The Best Health And Fitness Technology of 2020

The key to motivation when it comes to achieving your 2020 health and fitness goals, lies in entertainment and interaction. There are more products out there than ever before that can help you stay on track. Whether you’re counting calories and macros, looking to make your stride pattern more efficient, or interested in knowing what food types are safe to eat according to your DNA, there’s a slew of innovative apps and wearable tech out there.

Here at Contour Pilates in Brentwood, we’re so much more than a Reformer Studio. We like to make it our business to understand and be a part of the more extensive fitness and wellbeing industry. That way, we can help our clients with more than just planking! 

Last week was the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (CES), always a favourite event in the health and fitness calendar where brands show off their range of immersive and connected wellbeing technologies. So today, we thought we’d do a bit of trend predicting with our top pick of the best gadgets and gizmos released or due to launch in 2020.


First up, we couldn’t do a blog on the subject of wellbeing without including our friends at DNANudge. We were delighted to have the team come along to the studio earlier this month to introduce their groundbreaking technology. Lots of you signed up and we can’t wait to hear your feedback. One member was delighted when she scanned a bottle of Merlot, and it was green! 

The capsule and app help to “nudge” you towards making healthier choices when you’re shopping for your weekly groceries. Shop with your DNA is the smartest way to make dietary and behavioral changes that will benefit your overall wellbeing now and in the future. 

Contour Pilates

How would you shop and eat differently if you knew that you were at high risk of becoming obese or your body struggled to process carbohydrates?

Did you know that how much you move in the day affects your health and has an impact on what food types you can safely eat? Move more and what might be Amber one day, turns to Green the next. 

Simply by scanning product barcodes in-store, you’ll immediately know if a food is good or bad for you based on your unique DNA report. They’ll flash either red or green according to whether they’re a good match for your biology. Better still, the app shows personalised product recommendations and alternatives that are in better keeping with your DNA. If you care about your health, it’s the smart way to shop! You can find out more HERE.

Vuzix Labs Smart Swim

Love to swim? Then you should check out these interactive swimming goggles! Set to take your swim workouts to a whole new level, Smart Swim offers specialised training apps for both open water and indoor swimming, so ideal for the Triathletes among you. The app monitors, records, and coaches your swimming while displaying tones of real-time data. With the Smart Swim, you can also play video and audio and keep yourself entertained on long training sessions. The system is basically a wearable Android computer with a full-colour display, Bluetooth audio, and a GPS sensor. Plus, a fantastic 7+ run-time. Might even get you across the Channel! They’re goggles, but not as you know them! Find out more about Vuzix technology HERE.


For the runners among you, a pair of ASICS trainers probably already feature in your shoe collection but not like these! This is what’s known as a “smart shoe” and we predict many of the big brands will be introducing their version to the market in 2020. The shoe uses a unique curved sole to limit movement to the ankle joint, and those reduce energy stride output, making you far more efficient. With an embedded sensor in the sole, you get immediate biomechanic feedback by connecting to your smartphone app. If you’re looking to dial up your running, increasing speed and efficiency, then you’ll love this tech. 

Don’t forget, Pilates is an excellent adjunct to running and helps keep you more flexible. So between ASICS and Contour Pilates, we’ve got your Marathon dreams covered! The ASICS Evoride trainers are available to purchase HERE now.

Huami Amazfit HomeStudio

Accessing over 1000 fitness classes across a wide range of workouts, the Amazfit HomeStudio brings the full gym experience into your home. It’s like having a dedicated Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, and Pilates Instructor in residence! Just imagine that? Not available to purchase until later this year, it’s a connected home fitness studio comprising of a minimalist style treadmill, a smart screen, and features full AI technology alongside smartphone integration and surround sound. The GLASS screen can be used independently from the treadmill to enjoy a host of workouts, including sculpt, stretch, and yoga. If you’re interested in finding out more, check out what Gear Junkie has to say about this latest fitness innovation HERE.

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Huami Amazfit HomeStudio

Pilates In Your Pocket

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Interested in a CONTOUR exercise app? Fancy popping one of our Pilates instructors in your pocket and taking her home with you? Why not let your favourite instructor take you through your paces from the comfort of your living room or pack her in your suitcase when you go on holiday?

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