6 benefits of Pilates for runners

Pilates is known for delivering a powerful core workout, the benefits of which are undeniable. If you’re already practising Pilates, we’ve no need to remind you about the importance of the core. The absolute powerhouse of the body and source of abdominal strength. Pilates is a whole body workout and can be hugely beneficial to a myriad of other sports too. From hiking and tennis to golf and skiing. Through the power of Pilates, you can learn to move better.

Today, we’re going to delve deeper and examine the 6 Benefits Of Pilates Runners Can Enjoy.

1. Increased core strength

By core, we don’t just mean those tummy muscles. We’re referring to the entire torso which extends to include the hips, back, shoulders, neck and yes, those much sought after abdominals.

A strong, balanced and centred core acts as a massive stabilising force through which all exercise, especially the motion of running, can be channeled. Simply put, by practising Pilates you will be able to produce more active force to propel, control and maximise the efficiency of your running stride. You will also benefit from long, lean and toned muscles as well as being able to move better.

2. Pilates helps to correct postural imbalances, reducing the risk of injury

There’s a common saying among the running fraternity, “stability first, movement second.”

Nothing comes close to Pilates for creating the kind of core stability that can protect the spine and all its surrounding musculature, especially during the high impact, dynamic activity of running.

Through the regular practice of Pilates, seasoned runners who have become increasingly susceptible to repetitive injuries caused by a weakened gait can actively reverse that damage. Firing up and strengthening the muscles you require to retain a better and more effective running posture.

3. Noticeable improvements to your speed and endurance

The stronger and more balanced your body is, the less likely it is to fatigue. By incorporating regular weekly sessions on our state of art reformer equipment, the runners among you can expect to benefit from looser, more flexible hips, legs and back which will result in a longer, more fluid and productive stride pattern. The more flexible you become, the more powerful you are too. You will soon see gains in both your speed and endurance.

4. Quicker recovery times

With regular Pilates sessions, the muscles you use as a runner are maintained in peak condition. Joint mobility increases, risk of injury decreases and you gain a new sense of body awareness and confidence. You’ll soon notice that your usual 5k run feels lighter, faster and less of challenge. Your recovery time will vastly improve and your motivation will sky-rocket.

5. Control of the breath

Central to both running as well as Pilates is mindful breath control. During a Pilates session, you will frequently be reminded to focus on the breath. Filling up the lower lungs, opening up and engaging the diaphragm and consciously moving the breath throughout your body to assist your movement.

Take this conscious understanding of breath control with you and apply it to your running tehchnique and you will quickly enjoy life in the fast lane.

6. Balance and coordination

Sadly, with age, both our balance and coordination deteriorate. That can make it easier for us to trip and stumble. Being able to fire up that core in such a situation where you might find your foot on the wrong end of a slippy rock is crucial to keeping you upright and preventing any embarrassing as well as potentially painful face-planting!

By regularly practising Pilates you will see dramatic improvements to your balance. We’re not promising a late-blossoming career as a tight-rope walker, but we can certainly save you a few blushes and the occasional grazed knee!

To discover more about the incredible benefits of Pilates and how it can improve your performance as a runner, check out one of our Reformer based classes today. We use only state of the art equipment at our local studios based in Essex.

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