• 22MAY, 2018

    Summer swaps

    It’s not just about the exercise you do, shaping up for the summer must be a whole-body plan. One that involves your sleep, your mental health, and your diet. There’s no point putting all those hours in at the studio toning up, if you haven’t thought about other areas of your life too. As summer

  • 14MAY, 2018

    Five ways Pilates will help you with your Summer Goals

      We are nearly half way through May, which means you only have two more weeks to bag our amazing summer deal! We have a discounted package on offer right now which is designed to help you feel and look great for summer. Whether you have already started your summer workout or are just thinking

  • 08MAY, 2018

      Three breakfasts to boost your summer fitness programme  We are regularly told how breakfast is THE most important meal of the day, the one we really shouldn’t skip. But sometimes I feel bored by breakfast. I don’t fancy another bowl of cereal or I am simply running a bit late and I don’t make