• 23MAR, 2018

    Sleep – oh hard it can be sometimes

    Sleep: an essential component of your exercise routine Sleep definitely feels like something from a past life right now. With a 3-year-old in the family, a busy husband and a Pilates studio to run, it was not a plentiful resource anyway. But add our new-born into the mix and sleep seems like a scarce commodity

  • 16MAR, 2018

    Advice from an expert

    Postpartum Exercise advice from one of our CONTOUR Instructors, Claire. One of the best things about our studio is the quality of our Pilates’ trainers and at CONTOUR we are very lucky to have an instructor who specialises in pre and postnatal Pilates. Claire has been with us since we opened and has been teaching

  • 09MAR, 2018

    What I have learned

      One of the things we hear most often at the studio is how difficult it is to return to exercise after having a baby. I hear you! Returning to exercise, for whatever reason, after a significant break can be tough. It is about finding a way to re-create a habit that was previously well